Deck Light

Visibility is critical in an evacuation scenario, and Vigil Antislip Deck Light provides powerful photoluminescence for up to 12 hours after "charge" source is withdrawn.


In a natural disaster, terrorist attack or accident such as a high rise fire, speed of evacuation is crucial to survival – lost footing or disorientation due to reduced visibility can block exits and increase casualties.

Deck Light gives escaping people clear pathways at ground level – where it is needed – to follow in smoke-filled or darkened passageways, hallways and stairways.

Deck Light is available in the same standard sizes and dimensions as the Vigil Antislip Stair Tread and Vinyl Deck ranges, in commercial grades.

  1. Classes

    Any Vigil Antislip product can be created as a Deck Light self-illuminated version.

  2. Dimensions

    Vigil Antislip Deck Light luminous antislip can be applied to the complete range of Vigil stair treads and vinyl deck, in the same dimensions as those products.

  3. Grades

    Deck Light for commercial use is recommended in commercial and light industrial grades, according to the same parameters as stair treads and vinyl deck. For information on specific product grades, please click on the links below:

    Stair Treads
    Vinyl Deck

  4. Warranty

    How we can offer a 10 Year Replacement Warranty

    As innovators and pioneers in the safety industry, it is important that we lead by example.

    Our production manuals contain the QA/QC requirements for every process. As a basic rule, every production team member acts as a buyer and a seller. When a process is completed, the person who conducted that process becomes the internal seller of the product to that stage. It is then passed on to the next person in the production process – the internal buyer – who checks all specifications, etc. to ensure the previous process was carried out in accordance with requirements.

    The product continues through the production process that way, being rigorously checked by the ‘internal buyer’ at every stage.

    Every process is also signed off by the operator on the Job Card. This ensures quality is maintained and checked throughout all processes rather than just at the packaging stage. All raw materials are checked upon receipt, resins are tested for hardness and so on.

    When the products are completed, the Job Card number becomes the Warranty Number and this is stamped on the underside of every product so it can be traced should there ever be a future issue.

    The 10 Year Replacement Warranty Certificate provided with every Class 1 is signed by the Managing Director and the Production Manager. The Job Cards are archived for a minimum of 10 years so they may be recovered and the production process traced if necessary.


    For more information please contact us.

  5. Technical Specifications

    Vigil Antislip Deck Light is manufactured to the same specifications as all other commercial Vigil Antislip product, with the addition of high quality photo-luminescent pigments. Please see below for photo-luminescence test results.

    Test Result Summary.

    Longtime Afterglow.
    Test Method   : DIN67 510 Part 2
    Commercial Grade


    • After 2 minutes:                     99.2mcd/m2

    • After 10 minutes:                    30.1mcd/m2

    • After 30 minutes:                   10.6mcd/m2

    • After 60 minutes:                   5.1mcd/m2

    • After 120 minutes:                 2.4mcd/m2

    • After 644 minutes:                0.3mcd/m2 (Decay Time)

    Industrial Grade


    • After   2 minutes:                134.2mcd/m2

    • After 10 minutes:                37.3mcd/m2

    • After 30 minutes:               12.7mcd/m2

    • After 60 minutes:               6.0mcd/m2

    • After 120 minutes:             2.7mcd/m2

    • After 677 minutes:             0.3mcd/m2 (Decay Time)


    Offshore Grade


    • After   2 minutes:              153.3mcd/m2

    • After 10 minutes:              43.1mcd/m2

    • After 30 minutes:              14.9mcd/m2

    • After 60 minutes:              7.1mcd/m2

    • After 120 minutes:           3.3mcd/m2

    • After 811 minutes:           0.3mcd/m2 (Decay Time)


    Resistance to Impact
    Test Method   : ASTM D2794.

    Result:                                          196 kg cm


    Resistance to Delamination
    Test Method   : BS 3900 Pt. E10.

    Result:                                          1.90 – 2.30 N/sq mm


    Resistance to Abrasion
    Test Method   : ASTM D658

    Result:                                         > 313.60 g / mm.


    Resistance to Fire.
    Test Method   : AS 1530.3.1989 AMDT No 1 APR 92


    • Ignition Time:                       5.78 mins.

    • Flame Propagation Time:    Nil S.

    • Heat Release Integral:         71.1 kJ/sq. M.

    • Smoke Release, Log D:        – 0.8101.

    • Optical Density, D:               0.1572 / M.


    Regulatory Indices

    Ignitability Index : 14             Range 0-20

    Spread of Flame Index *:         0

    Heat Evolved Index*:               2

    Smoke Developed Index*:      5

    * Range = 0-10


    Slip Resistance.
    Test Method   : ASTM D4518


    • Dry Condition:                       0.53.

    • Wet Condition:                      0.50.

    • Oiled Condition:                    0.49.

    • Oiled After Impact:               0.41.

    Test Method   : DIN 511 30


    • Commercial Grade:              R-13.

    • Industrial Grade:                  R-13.

    • Offshore Grade:                    R-12.


    Test Method   : AS / NZ 3661.1


    • Comm. grade – Dry leather:    1.30

    • Comm. grade – Dry rubber:    1.30

    • Comm. grade – Wet rubber:   0.95


    • Ind. grade – Dry leather:         1.50.

    • Ind. grade – Dry rubber:         1.30.

    • Ind. grade – Wet rubber:         0.85.


    • Offshore grade – Dry leather: 1.80.

    • Offshore grade – Dry rubber:  1.90.

    • Offshore grade – Wet rubber:  0.85.


    Test Method   : AS 4586:2013


    • Comm. grade                           – COF : 1.05

    – Class : D1

    • Lt. Ind. Grade                          – COF : 1.00

    – Class : D1

    • Industrial Grade                     – COF : 1.00

    – Class : D1

    • Offshore Grade                       – COF : 1.00

    – Class : D1



    Ageing Resistance.
    Test Method   : ISO 20340 : 2003
    Paints & Varnishes – Performance Requirements for Protective Paint Systems for Offshore and Related Structures – 4,200 hours.


    • ISO4628-2:                     No Blistering.  Rating 0 (S0)

    • ISO4628-3:                     No Rusting.     Rating Ri 0

    • ISO4628-4:                     No Cracking.   Rating 0 (S0)

    • ISO4628-5:                     No Flaking.     Rating 0 (S0)

    • ISO4628-6:                     No Chalking.   Rating 0

    • Corrosion:                       No Corrosion Creepage from Scribe Lines.

    • Pull Off Adhesion:         2MPa after 25 Cycles.


    Sea Water Immersion.
    Test Method   : ISO 20340 : 2003
    Paints & Varnishes – Performance Requirements for Protective Paint Systems for Offshore and Related Structures – 7 Days.


    • ISO4628-2:                    No Blistering.  Rating 0 (S0)

    • ISO4628-3:                    No Rusting.     Rating Ri 0

    • ISO4628-4:                    No Cracking.   Rating 0 (S0)

    • ISO4628-5:                    No Flaking.     Rating 0 (S0)

    • ISO4628-6:                    No Chalking.   Rating 0

    • Corrosion:                       < 1mm Corrosion Creepage from Scribe Lines

    • Pull Off Adhesion:         3MPa


    Resistance to Cathodic Disbonding.
    Test Method   : ISO 15711
    Paints & Varnishes – Determination of Resistance to Cathodic Disbonding of Coatingsb Exposed to Seawater – Method A – 7 Days.


    There is no coating disbonding, peel off and any blisters around holiday and other coating area. The result proves that the coating has resistance to cathodic disbanding under described conditions.


    Please Note : All Test Certificates are available upon request.

  1. General

    Please refer to Installation instructions for specific products ordered as Deck Light. Click on the links below for more information:

    Stair Nosings
    Metal Deck
    Vinyl Deck
    Ladder Rung Covers

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