Stair Treads

Minimise the risks of stairway falls without compromising your decor. Vigil Antislip Stair Treads won't wear, break or fade and can be used to re-profile and cover polished or chipped steps.


Ideal for interior or exterior use, our commercial Stair Tread range is available in a range of colours on an anodized brass or aluminium extruded base, and they are quickly, easily and permanently installed.

Stair Treads are available in two profiles; Traditional or Ramped, in up to 6 metre lengths cut to size. The coloured Vinyl insert is available loose for mechanical installation or already stuck in for installation using adhesive.

  1. Class 1

    As a commercial product, the Vigil Antislip Commercial Stair Tread range is available in one class only – Commercial Class 1.

  2. Dimensions

    Standard Profile

    Standard Profile
    Overall width 69.85mm
    Stair Tread width 60mm
    Overall depth 23.4mm

    Ramped Profile

    Ramped Profile
    Overall width 80.85mm
    Stair Tread width 60mm
    Overall depth 24mm
  3. Grades

    Constructed using Silicone Carbide (SiC) with a Hardness of 2480kg / mm2 in the following mesh grades:
    Commercial Grade – 46 mesh
    Light Industrial Grade – 24 mesh
    Industrial Grade – 20 mesh

  4. Colours

    Royal Blue




    Tropical Green

    Chocolate Brown

    Platinum (also available as Off White)

    Cardinal Red

  5. Warranty

    How we can offer a 10 Year Replacement Warranty

    As innovators and pioneers in the safety industry, it is important that we lead by example.

    Our production manuals contain the QA/QC requirements for every process. As a basic rule, every production team member acts as a buyer and a seller. When a process is completed, the person who conducted that process becomes the internal seller of the product to that stage. It is then passed on to the next person in the production process – the internal buyer – who checks all specifications, etc. to ensure the previous process was carried out in accordance with requirements.

    The product continues through the production process that way, being rigorously checked by the ‘internal buyer’ at every stage.

    Every process is also signed off by the operator on the Job Card. This ensures quality is maintained and checked throughout all processes rather than just at the packaging stage. All raw materials are checked upon receipt, resins are tested for hardness and so on.

    When the products are completed, the Job Card number becomes the Warranty Number and this is stamped on the underside of every product so it can be traced should there ever be a future issue.

    The 10 Year Replacement Warranty Certificate provided with every Class 1 is signed by the Managing Director and the Production Manager. The Job Cards are archived for a minimum of 10 years so they may be recovered and the production process traced if necessary.


    For more information please contact us.

  6. Technical Specifications

    Commercial Class 1

    Extrusion Aluminium anodised with clear or brass finish to 10 microns
    Vigil Antislip propietary profile (Drawing No VGL004 Standard Stair Tread
    Vigil Antislip propietary profile (Drawing No VGL39693 Ramped Stair Tread
    Antislip Insert
    Foundation 1.5mm Armstrong Nylex Armalon
    Resin System Ciba Geigy Aradur epoxy system
    Aggregate Silicone Carbide (SiC) Hardness 2480 kg / mm2
    Size of Aggregate Commercial Grade 46 Mesh
    Light Industrial Grade 24 Mesh
    Industrial Grade 20 Mesh
    Bonding Foundation to extrusion 501k Double sided pressure sensitive splicing tape
    Warranty 1 Year

    Test Result Summary

    Resistance to Abrasion
    Test Method   : ASTM D658

    Result:                                         > 313.60 g / mm.


    Resistance to Fire
    Test Method   : AS 1530.3.1989 AMDT No 1 APR 92


    • Ignition Time:                       5.78 mins.

    • Flame Propagation Time:    Nil S.

    • Heat Release Integral:         71.1 kJ/sq. M.

    • Smoke Release, Log D:        – 0.8101.

    • Optical Density, D:               0.1572 / M.


    Regulatory Indices

    Ignitability Index : 14             Range 0-20

    Spread of Flame Index *:         0

    Heat Evolved Index*:               2

    Smoke Developed Index*:      5

    * Range = 0-10


    Slip Resistance.
    Test Method   : ASTM D4518


    • Dry Condition:                       0.53.

    • Wet Condition:                      0.50.

    • Oiled Condition:                    0.49.

    • Oiled After Impact:               0.41.

    Test Method   : DIN 511 30


    • Commercial Grade:              R-13.

    • Industrial Grade:                  R-13.

    • Offshore Grade:                    R-12.


    Test Method   : AS / NZ 3661.1


    • Comm. grade – Dry leather:    1.30

    • Comm. grade – Dry rubber:    1.30

    • Comm. grade – Wet rubber:   0.95


    • Ind. grade – Dry leather:         1.50.

    • Ind. grade – Dry rubber:         1.30.

    • Ind. grade – Wet rubber:         0.85.


    • Offshore grade – Dry leather: 1.80.

    • Offshore grade – Dry rubber:  1.90.

    • Offshore grade – Wet rubber:  0.85.


    Test Method   : AS 4586:2013


    • Comm. grade                           – COF : 1.05

    – Class : D1

    • Lt. Ind. Grade                          – COF : 1.00

    – Class : D1

    • Industrial Grade                     – COF : 1.00

    – Class : D1

    • Offshore Grade                       – COF : 1.00

    – Class : D1

    Please Note : All Test Certificates are available upon request.

Installation of Vigil Antislip Commercial Stair Treads

  1. Using solvent and rags, clean the concrete/tiles where the Stair Nosings are to be placed and clean the backs of each Stair Nosing. Ensure that rubber gloves are worn.
  2. Place each Stair Tread in the desired position on each step to ensure that they fit correctly.
  3. Fit a tube of adhesive on to the caulking gun, pierce tube seal and screw on nozzle. Trim off end of nozzle to obtain required bead of adhesive.
  4. Starting from the top step, squeeze 3 beads of adhesive onto the back of the first Stair Tread to be installed. .
  5. Place the Stair Tread in the required position on the step and apply pressure both downward and backward so that adhesion is achieved to the top of the step as well as the leading edge.
  6. Repeat procedures for the rest of the Stair Treads.
  7. Using acetone, clean any excess adhesive from around the Stair Treads before it cures.
  8. Ensure that that pedestrian traffic is kept away from the steps until the adhesive is cured.

(Approximately 6-8 hours).

Installation and Maintenance

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