Self Assessment Form

  • Slip hazard details

    The information provided here will help us to understand the working environment and the nature of the
    hazards. Photographs and drawings can aid in creating an accurate assessment of your requirements.
    Download the form and do a “Save as” for each hazard location, using the name of the location as the
    filename – for example, Slip Hazard 1 Tank 4 Stairs.pdf, Slip Hazard 2 Refueling Area Deck.pdf

  • (eg. Level 5 steps to heli-deck, elevated walkway from tank B-42 to B-43, commercial kitchen, sports venue stairway, ramp to arena.)

  • (eg. ladder rug profile type, unusual obstacles or turns)
  • Dimensions of existing medium: Steps W x D | Ladders W x Dia. | Ramps L x W
  • Information such as ice / snow, oil & grease, spillage, splash zone, acidic area, etc will allow us to advise on the most appropriate Vigil Antislip products to permanently eliminate your slip hazards.
  • Contact Vigil Antislip at any time for assistance with this form or to arrange an on-site inspection.

    Head office: +61 8 9434 4773 | North America: +1 (281) 859-2300 | Global: +61414 384 384

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