Your Options

Real safety is not cheap. Cheap safety is not real.

You have a choice to make.

When looking at antislip options for use in your field of operations, whether you like it or not, you have a decision to make:

  1. Do you want genuine long term or even life of project complete antislip protection?
  2. Do you just want to be seen to be reducing your exposure to slips and falls by purchasing the cheapest products available?

The first option may be a little more expensive initially – but it will serve you well and eliminate the possibility of slip related accidents. The total cost of ownership will be far less.
Option 2 may be cheaper initially, but premature wear will continue to expose you and your company to risk. In addition, in order to maintain a non-slip environment, the products will need to be replaced more than once. Factoring in the removal, replacement and reinstatement costs, the total cost of ownership will be far higher for the “cheaper” option than for Vigil Antislip.
These products – often fibreglass – are made to a price, not a high level of quality. The manufacturers do not understand or care for the dynamics, the risks, or your exposure to potential injuries. These products are made by companies who saw the potential profits in the safety business and do not subscribe to the safety vision.

What is the basis for your decision?

Generally, your decision will be based on information provided to you by a range of manufacturers or resellers. If replacing prematurely worn or damaged materials, you know who not to trust with the safety of your personnel.
So before you make a final decision, consider the reputation of the manufacturers and the products they manufacture, their customers, the simplicity and authenticity of their warranty, and their testing regime.
To stake your workers’ safety and your reputation on a second rate antislip manufacturer is to risk injuries, extra costs including frequent replacement, fines, and industry credibility. Worse, it could be you sprawled on a landing, or even overboard. In an evacuation event you need to be able to rely on high quality antislip protection so no one is left behind.

Vigil Antislip is the benchmark when it comes to high quality antislip protection.

When first introduced to the market in 1989, we provided the first 2 year replacement warranty. After eight years of monitoring in the worst of environments, we were confident enough to increase the Class 1 warranty to five years. Today we offer a full ten year replacement warranty. Other manufacturers have followed suit, but it is essential that you check the fine-print on their so-called warranties.
Vigil Antislip is an investment in long term safety. Anything less is simply a cost.

Vigil Antislip – a history of safety performance.

Stephen McCorkill, the founder of Vigil Antislip in 1989 was a first mate and Master V at age 21. He spent four years working on prawn trawlers in the far north of Australia where seasonal cyclones are common. This created a healthy respect for the ocean and maritime safety, and an understanding of how easily injuries can occur in a working marine environment.  The following nine years involved supplying the Australian shipping and offshore oil & gas industries with survival and rescue equipment.
This included Billy Pugh transfer nets, Watercraft life boats and rescue boats, Schatt davits, Scanmarine collision favourable buoys and fenders, Fitsright survival suits, Vryhof anchors, and Samson specialty ropes. He was also a licensed surveyor and repairer of Viking liferafts, a position demanding demonstrated integrity and commitment to the principles of Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).
He has devoted most of his life to helping others to avoid tragic circumstances, particularly in the marine environment.

Vigil Antislip products are recognised by users and competitors alike as the highest quality, longest lasting and most cost effective antislip products available worldwide.

Stephen McCorkill will not compromise on the quality of Vigil Antislip products, even in the face of cheaper, poor quality competition. To do so would compromise his integrity.
As a purchasing officer, you are faced daily with the choice between a lower initial cost or a lower long term cost. For the sake of the safety of your colleagues or visitors to your site, ensure you obtain all the information and make an informed decision based on what is the best for everyone around you and your employer.
With a worldwide distribution network and inventory available as required, Vigil Antislip will support you for the long term, on time, on budget with the highest quality, honest antislip products available worldwide.


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