Walkway & Ramp Safety

Any walkway or ramp in an industrial setting, whether an offshore platform, onshore refinery, manufacturing plant, storage facility, agricultural property, food and beverage processing plant, automotive manufacturer, foundry, brewery or any construction, processing or chemical company, demands the highest possible antislip protection. This is especially true in settings where dust, liquids, solvents or any other contaminants can exacerbate the slip hazard.

The Vigil Antislip walkway and ramp safety range is designed to provide maximum effectiveness and long life in even the most extreme environments.

Suitable for application on all flat and sloping surfaces, Vigil Antislip Metal Deck can be installed on open grille, expanded steel mesh, perforated steel and chequerplate flooring, as well as concrete, cement, paved and other solid surfaces, even uneven or cracked areas.

Vigil Antislip Vinyl Deck is a versatile alternative for newly laid concrete and other flooring types, and is particularly suited to wet areas from heavy industrial processing areas subject to spillages, to canteens, laundries and beverage bottling.

The Vigil Antislip team is always available to discuss your needs, and create a custom solution for your walkway and ramp safety needs. Contact us to set up a call or meeting on site to determine how we can help your works remain safer for the long term, even in the most challenging areas.

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