Flex Deck

Uneven and irregular surfaces are potentially deadly, and demand special antislip protection. Flex Deck creates a safe, highly visible and adaptable walkway almost anywhere, and can be rolled up for storage when not in use.


Talk to us about the dangerous surfaces your personnel can’t avoid crossing, and the Vigil team will create a bespoke solution using Flex Deck.

  1. Classes

    Vigil Antislip Class Quality Differentials

    Material / Process Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
    Product Availability Stair / Bull Nosings Stair / Bull Nosings Stair Nosings
    Metal Deck Metal Deck
    Ladder Rung Covers (all profiles) Ladder Rung Covers (all profiles)
    Flex Deck
    Dimensions Available Full Range of Standard & Non-Std Sizes Limited Range of Standard Sizes Limited Range
    Steel Foundation 1.2mm Colorbond Steel Grade AM-100 1.2mm Colorbond Steel Grade AM-100 1.2mm Galvanised Steel.
    1.2mm Stainless Steel Grade 316 / 304
    2.0 / 4.0mm Aluminium (Grade 5)
    Steel Pre-treatment Proprietary Chemical / Mechanical Treatment Sandblast to 60 microns Sandblast to 40 microns
    Steel / Resin Interface Floating Fabric Membrane Epoxy Primer Epoxy Primer
    Aggregate Silicone Carbide Fused Alumina Fused Alumina
    Grades Barefoot (46 mesh – Double Final Coat) Lt. Industrial (24 mesh) Industrial (20 mesh)
    Commercial (46 mesh) Industrial (20 mesh)
    Lt. Industrial (24 mesh) Offshore (12 / 20 mesh matrix)
    Industrial (20 mesh)
    Offshore (12 / 20 mesh matrix)
    Colours All Colours (Pantone / RAL) Safety Yellow Safety Yellow
    Photo-luminescent (Deck Light) Photo-luminescent (Deck Light)
    Warranty 10 Year Replacement 3 Year Replacement 1 Year Replacement
  2. Dimensions

    TFD – Transverse Flex-Deck

    A: Lengths up to 5m             B: Width up to 1000mm

    LFD – Longitudinal Flex-Deck

    A:  Lengths up to 2.4m         B: Width up to 1000mm


  3. Grade
    Industrial Applicable in most external areas where there may be spillage and/or soilage of lubricants.
    Offshore Ideal for areas where there is a high buildup of grease or oil. This surface is the most severe and is not affected by very heavy spillage and soilage of chemicals or lubricants.
  4. Colours

    In all Industrial or Offshore applications, the Safety Yellow colour is recommended.

    Safety Yellow

    Royal Blue




    Tropical Green

    Chocolate Brown

    Platinum (also available as Off White)

    Cardinal Red

  5. Warranty

    How we can offer a 10 Year Replacement Warranty

    As innovators and pioneers in the safety industry, it is important that we lead by example.

    Our production manuals contain the QA/QC requirements for every process. As a basic rule, every production team member acts as a buyer and a seller. When a process is completed, the person who conducted that process becomes the internal seller of the product to that stage. It is then passed on to the next person in the production process – the internal buyer – who checks all specifications, etc. to ensure the previous process was carried out in accordance with requirements.

    The product continues through the production process that way, being rigorously checked by the ‘internal buyer’ at every stage.

    Every process is also signed off by the operator on the Job Card. This ensures quality is maintained and checked throughout all processes rather than just at the packaging stage. All raw materials are checked upon receipt, resins are tested for hardness and so on.

    When the products are completed, the Job Card number becomes the Warranty Number and this is stamped on the underside of every product so it can be traced should there ever be a future issue.

    The 10 Year Replacement Warranty Certificate provided with every Class 1 is signed by the Managing Director and the Production Manager. The Job Cards are archived for a minimum of 10 years so they may be recovered and the production process traced if necessary.


    For more information please contact us.

  6. Technical Specifications
    Antislip Foundation 4.0mm Marine Grade Aluminium
    Fabric Medium Floating on steel foundation and integrated with key coat of resin system
    Resin System All layers hand laminated – not sprayed
    Cured at optimum temperature and humidity – no oven use
    Resistant to all solvents, petroleum products and acid solutions
    Must not contain any pin-prick holes or bubbles.
    Aggregate Silicone Carbide (SiC) Moh’s hardness rating of 9.2 – 9.5
    Actual Hardness : 2,480Kg / mm2
    Size of Aggregate Offshore Grade 12/20 mesh matrix
    Industrial Grade 20 Mesh
    Warranty 10 Years

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